What do I do with my luggage when I arrive in New York City, but can’t check in to my Airbnb yet?

We all face luggage storage issues when traveling. The dead air between check-in times, and your arrival or departure, is an old problem in the new economy. Subbnb.com–a new bespoke traveler service based out of Williamsburg, New York–has the solution.

As the founder Trevor Bayack puts it, “Subbnb provides mobile luggage storage to travelers, tourists, and business people on the go. With our mobile storage van, we can pick up your luggage and drop it off at the destination of your choice at the time of your choosing. We also offer airport service.”

Current luggage storage options are extremely limited, and are often times more of a hassle than they are worth. Subbnb offers curbside luggage pickup and will deliver your luggage to any destination within the city–when you want it delivered. This saves you time, money, and frees you up to explore the best of the city.

Subbnb is currently only offered in New York City, but are looking to expand into other major metropolitan areas. Visit their website at Subbnb.com to learn more about their services.



  1. Schwartz Luggage Storage is a well known luggage storage provider here in nyc. They have several locations throughout Manhattan and from what I have read they are very reliable and helful. check them out at their website SchwartzLuggage.com

  2. We ended up using City CoPilot. There luggage storage was extremely helpful when we wanted to see a last minute show. Definitely recommend them!

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