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As Airbnb hosts we recommend creating an Airbnb welcome letter that you leave out for your Airbnb guests upon their arrival. An Airbnb welcome letter is simply a one or two page document that provides an overview of your listing, contact information, house rules, local attractions, and other important information that might be of value to the guest.

As mentioned in our guide, Preparing Your Home For Guests Airbnb Host Checklist, we suggest printing out your Airbnb welcome letter and leaving it on the kitchen table or in the bedroom. Since the purpose of the welcome letter is to introduce yourself to the guest, you want to leave it in an area where it will be easily seen.

You want your Airbnb welcome letter to make the guests feel comfortable in their new surroundings. We recommend adding a little bit of humor to your welcome sheet and also include a couple nearby attractions that guests might want to visit shortly after their arrival. It’s up to you how in-depth you make your welcome letter. We have seen some Airbnb welcome letters that were multi-page booklets. While this is very impressive, we don’t think it’s completely necessary.

Just create a document that includes some basic info about your listing, contact information, house rules, local attractions, and any tips about the area that might be important… Your guests will appreciate the extra effort and give you a positive review!

The Airbnb welcome letter that we created at Airbnb Guide is available for download on our site. It has been downloaded by more than 10,000 Airbnb hosts, and is used by Superhosts all around the globe. It is very easy to use… simply insert the information where guided and print out a copy for each guest. We recommend putting it on the bed so that the guest can read it when they arrive!

What’s great about this document is that you can easy add new areas or subtract information that does not apply to your listing. We have been using this welcome letter template for more than a year, and many of our guests have commented on how helpful it was in their Airbnb review. It is definitely one of the top 10 most important things that an Airbnb host can provide to their guest in order to make them feel more welcome and informed during their stay!

Click here to download the welcome letter template. Please let us know if you have any questions!


  1. This is Great! I used this when I rented my place last week!

  2. Hi there,

    I have just purchsed your Air BnB Welcome letter template and this was not emailed to me after my purchase went through. I have checked my spam folders and nothing. Could you please re send this asap.


    • Hi, our payment processing system shows that someone ordered a template using the name Sharron Mihailoff with your email address. It also shows that the template has already been downloaded. Were you able to download the template or do you need us to send it to you manually?

      • Dana McNulty

        Hi James,

        Thank you your reply. The template came through anout an or so after purchasing it. Sharron Mihailoff is my mother and I got it sent to my email account because I’m making the amendments to it for her.

        No need to re send, however I would suggest writing somewhere on your purchase receipt form that the file will be emailed and downloadable with xxx amount of time.


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