Optimize My Airbnb is an Airbnb listing optimization service that promises to increase hosting revenue by up to 627% in a single week. Founded by Daniel Rusteen, former Airbnb employee and Airbnb Superhost, Optimize My Airbnb examines 42 different aspects of your Airbnb listing and then provides the customer with a detailed report on how to improve lacking areas. By making these adjustments the Airbnb host should see an increase in revenue and higher booking rate.

As listed on the website, users who purchase Optimize My Airbnb’s listing optimization should expect the following results:

  • Higher search rankings
  • Higher occupancy
  • More inquiries
  • Increased nightly rate
  • More listing views
  • Better credibility

The process to get started with Optimize My Airbnb is pretty simple. Clicking the “Optimize My Listing” button on the home page sends you to a page that describes what you will receive after purchasing the $99 service. There is also a form where you fill out your basic information, Airbnb property link, average nightly rate, and credit card information. After submitting your information you should expect to receive your customized report within 24 hours.

I purchased the Airbnb optimization service out of curiosity as the website states they will refund your money if you are unsatisfied with the provided analysis. As an full-time Airbnb Superhost with more than 50 completed reservations under my belt, I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on the home-sharing platform. With this being said, I know that there is always room for improvement which is why I ultimately decided to purchase the report.

As promised on the website, the Airbnb analysis report was delivered within 24 hours of submitting my purchase. The document was sent to my email in PDF form. I purchased the $99 service from Optimize My Airbnb which includes the full-analysis; however, for $50 more you can receive the full-analysis and have the company implement the changes for you on your behalf.

The 11 page document is fairly straightforward and formatted professionally. Each section is outlined in a table of contents allowing the user to navigate through the report with ease. After reading the “About Me” section I dove straight into the actual analysis of my Airbnb listing.

Optimize My Airbnb’s first suggestion was that I change my Airbnb listing’s title. At first I was offended. After all, I felt that the title was a great representation of my listing and sounded very attractive. With this being said, after reading through the logic behind the suggestion, I changed my title.

The goal is to stand out. As Airbnb becomes more popular and the number of hosts increase in your area, the need to diversify your listing also increases. Unfortunately in my case, many other hosts in my area also liked my title and chose to similarly name their listing. My once catchy listing title was now being used by a dozen other hosts nearby and I no longer stood out from the crowd.

As I read through the remainder of the report, I was surprised to learn of all the holes in my Airbnb listing. While many of the findings would not seem to impact the overall listing at first glance, I am a firm believer that you should utilize every aspect of Airbnb’s hosting platform in order to rank highly in their search feature. By leaving some sections of my profile blank, I was hindering my listing’s search position and missing out on potential reservation requests.

One of the more unique suggestions in the report was to publicly respond to all of my guest reviews. Although I knew you could leave a public response, I did not see a benefit from doing so. As described in the analysis, leaving a public response to your guest reviews shows potential guests that you genuinely care about their traveling experience.You also have the ability to soften negative guest reviews by publicly communicating your apologies and letting future guests know that the issue has been resolved. After reading through this section I went back and responded to all of my previous guest reviews. Unfortunately you can only respond to your guest reviews within a certain amount of time, so I was unable to respond to all of the reviews.

There were many suggestions in Optimize My Airbnb’s analysis report that I found insightful. Some of the recommendations were small while others seemed much more significant. As a full-time Airbnb host in a competitive market, I am appreciative and responsive to any advice that can help my listing rank higher on Airbnb and increase my reservation requests. Although I am unsure exactly how much my reservation requests will increase due to the changes made based on Optimize My Airbnb’s suggestions, I am certain that the adjustments will have a positive impact.

You can purchase Optimize My Airbnb’s listing optimization report for $99 by clicking here. Optimize My Airbnb will implement all of the suggested changes on your behalf for an additional $50 fee.

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