A question that is often asked by new Airbnb hosts is, “How do you make guests feel welcome in your home?”

As Airbnb hosts, we are always looking for ways to improve our guest’s reservation experience. After talking with many of our guests, we compiled a list of 5 amenities that they claimed made them feel welcome. Please feel free to offer these amenities to your guest to help improve your rating as an Airbnb host.

Responsive and friendly communication

Your communication with the guest during the reservation process sets the tone for their stay. A responsive and friendly tone will excite the guest, and have them looking forward to meeting you. Slow, disinterested communication might make them have second thoughts about booking.

We suggest downloading the Airbnb app on your phone so that you can respond to reservation requests right away. Always respond politely and sound interested. Remember–the guest is probably booking a vacation or some type of trip. Don’t rain on their travel parade with poor communication!

Meet and greet

Always try your best to physically meet the guest at their time of arrival. After all, you are a host! One of the easiest ways to make your Airbnb guests feel at home is by letting them in and showing them around. We understand that some Airbnb hosts own multiple properties and have automated check-in systems; however, nothing beats human interaction. Taking 15 minutes to show your guest their new home can definitely lead to a better review!

Guest welcome letter

One of the first amenities that we created as Airbnb hosts is our guest welcome letter. It’s a simple, one page letter that addresses the guest by name and introduces them to the rental. No fluff or frills–our guest welcome sheet offers directions to several local establishments, provides house rules, and gives the guest our WiFi password.

At some point in time we would like to put together a more robust welcome packet, but for now our one page welcome sheet does the trick. We have received numerous compliments from our guests and many have stated that it made them feel more welcome. You can download the guest welcome letter we use by clicking here.

Less is more

Want to make your guest feel more at home and improve your host rating? Get rid of the clutter. Nothing makes a guest more uncomfortable than arriving at an Airbnb that’s full of junk personal belongings.

No, I’m not saying you have to get rid of the well-placed family photo hanging at the entryway. I’m talking about the jumbled stack of deteriorating car magazines beneath the coffee table, empty alcohol bottles on top of the refrigerator, and any remnants of the cat you had when you were 12.

As impersonal as that sounds, guests don’t want to spend their vacation getaway in your collection of crap. It’s hard to get comfortable in a new environment with 50 photos of someone’s deceased great aunt Betty staring at them in the dining room. Less is more–trust me.

Make yourself available

Although many Airbnb guests desire privacy during their stay, letting them know you are available if the need arises will help them feel more at home. Your contact information is visible to all guests after confirming a reservation; however, we suggest including your phone number and email address on your guest welcome letter. This ensures the guest has access to your information should anything happen.

Making your Airbnb guests feel welcome is part of your duty as an host. The kindred, communal aspect of Airbnb is what draws many travelers to use the network as opposed to traditional hotels. By providing the amenities listed in this article, you will surely garner positive reviews and be successful as an Airbnb host.



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