Providing a wide array of non-standard Airbnb amenities to your guests is one of the easiest ways to improve your listing and obtain five-star reviews.  Most guests expect basic amenities they would commonly find in a hotel, but there are many ways to exceed their expectations.

Think of it this way – what items do you commonly forget to pack on your travels? What “extras” would make your stay more comfortable or convenient? Turn your answers into amenities that you can offer your guests, and you’re halfway done!

Leaving a little something for your guests can also help to smooth over any issues that may arise during their stay. Let’s discuss other ideas that will give your listing an edge over the competition.

Common Airbnb Amenities & Consumables

Guests will always expect the typical amenities found in hotels including:

  • Clean linens
  • Toilet paper
  • Towels
  • WiFi with passwords clearly displayed
  • Iron with (full-sized) ironing board
  • Universal charging station
  • One key per bedroom

When selecting bedding and linens, be sure to choose quality linens that are easily washed and replaced. Hotels choose white because they “feel” clean. However, they stain easily so weigh your options.

Place extra toothbrushes and a hair dryer (which can earn you $10 per night!) in the bathroom, and make sure to stock up on non-fragrance soap and shampoo. When it comes to safety, always keep your First Aid kit up-to-date and fully stocked with clear instructions to the closest emergency room.

If you’re not able to stock your kitchen, then be sure to provide non-perishable items such as coffee, teas, cream/sugar, honey, etc. A bottle opener (this one is easy to use and hard to lose) and coffee maker (Keurig has become the standard) are also recommended for the kitchen area. Provide detergents – dishwasher and hand cleansers – in case guests want to make their own meals.

Extra “wow” factor

Guests who are constantly traveling appreciate the “extra mile” when you provide unique Airbnb amenities that are not found in a typical hotel room. Welcoming guests with a homemade gift or local baked goods is a great way to start off their reservation. Guests also appreciate a fully stocked fridge or bar cart, especially if they’re arriving after a long day of travel.

Here are some ideas for business travelers:

  • Desk supplies (staples, post-it notes, tape, highlighter, etc.)
  • Printer/Scanner
  • Individually wrapped ear plugs
  • International power adapter (I use this one as is has 2 built in fast-charging USB ports plus works with any country)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Extra-wide ironing board with iron and clothes rack

When it comes to overnight accommodations, improve the bedroom environment by adding blackout curtains and eye masks in the nightstand. Bathrobes, hangers, extra blankets, and firm (and soft) pillows will ensure that your guests have everything they need in order to sleep well. Every bedroom should include a full-length mirror to check for those last minute wardrobe changes. Invest in a suitcase stand with shoe rack so guests don’t have to bend all the way to the floor each time they need something from their luggage.

If you have an outdoor space with a grill area, make sure you have proper grilling equipment, comfortable and sturdy seating, Bluetooth speakers, and plenty of towels for the pool.

For those listings in tourist or beach towns, providing (mountain or beach cruiser) bicycles can be a great “extra” and another way to explore the area. Look up your Bike Score to see how beneficial this addition will be for your guests. Hosts can also consider providing pre-loaded public transit cards with local maps for daytime adventures and local trips

Try to coordinate airport transportation, or approach local rental companies and ask for a discount on ground transportation. Calculate an estimate for ride shares, like Uber or Lyft, to popular tourist destinations so that you can inform your guests who are coming into town for special events.

These examples are the perfect way to raise the standard of hosting and add an extra “wow” factor to your guests’ experience. Regardless of your budget, you can incorporate some of these ideas, or use them as a springboard to form your own unique and unforgettable Airbnb amenities. Always remember that hospitality starts with YOU and your interactions with your guests. Your demeanor, decor, and provisions will go a long way to ensuring that each guest has an amazing experience with you and Airbnb.


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