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A little about myself…

My name is James Hunt and I have been hosting on Airbnb full-time for more than a year. My wife and I became interested in hosting on Airbnb after we rented out our Calgary apartment for a week while we went on vacation. After doing the math we realized that renting out our apartment on Airbnb while we were gone basically paid for our entire trip! Not only that, but after we returned we kept getting inquiries to rent out our apartment for more than triple what we paid in rent.

Fast forward two years and we have two properties that we rent out full-time on Airbnb. We generate over $3,000 per month from renting out our properties and pay our mortgage by simply renting out the spare bedroom in our home. We have also met amazing people from all over the world and gained life-long friends in the process.

How do you make money on Airbnb?

Airbnb is a home-sharing platform where you can rent out a shared space, private room, or entire property to other Airbnb users. Airbnb currently has more than 3,000,000 properties for rent around the globe! That means someone just like you can list their spare bedroom for rent on the website and begin making money off your unused space.

Unlike traditional rentals, Airbnb rentals are generally short-term. Airbnb users frequently only rent a room for the night, several nights, or a week at most. Every once in a while you may get a reservation for a long-term rental, but that is a rarity!

The good thing about short-term rentals is the traveler doesn’t have enough time to “make themselves feel at home” in your space like a traditional roommate would. For the most part they are more respectful of your environment and take great care of the rental. Short-term rentals are also nice because you can charge the renter a cleaning fee, making you extra cash in the process!

What do you need to get started?

Getting started on Airbnb is easy, and signing up is completely free. First go to Airbnb’s website and create an account. You will need to submit a copy of your license or identification to verify your identity. You should also link your Facebook or other social media accounts to add additional verification on your profile.

Next, navigate to the Host tab and click List Your Space. This will direct you to a page where you can create your rental listing. Fill out all of the required information as requested. Be specific, and when it comes to filling out the description of your property, be honest! Do not over exaggerate in the description of your property to try and make it sound more desirable to potential guests. Doing so will only hurt your reviews in the future, and reviews are everything on Airbnb!

During this process you will have the opportunity to set your pricing and upload photos of your listing. You will also get to decide how often you want to rent out your property and make other adjustments that can affect your rental rate.

Once you have finished creating your listing you should link a payout method with Airbnb. This is how you will get paid when someone reserves your rental. You can link your bank account or even get paid through Paypal. You will receive payment for each reservation the day after the guest checks in to your rental.

We recommend that you download the Airbnb app for your phone so you can easily stay on top of booking reservations and respond to guest inquiries. Once your listing is live on the website your space will be available for rent! Although every location is different, we have seen hosts be extremely successful in both rural, urban, and suburban areas.

Our website has written many articles to help Airbnb users make the most of their hosting experience. We have listed some articles below that are perfect for new Airbnb hosts:

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