Giving a very warm welcome to your guest can turn their experience into a wonderful one. If you are an Airbnb host, then you can create a perfect Airbnb welcome book sample for your place. It’s a quite essential part to make your guests feel special. This helps to aware guests about all the important information about Check-ins, Check-outs, amenities available, local highlights, instructions for property usage, emergency contact numbers and many other things.
A guest may have many queries before their arrival which can be resolved by sending them the welcome letter few days prior to their booking date. To create the perfect welcome letter, you can choose the best guest welcome letter template online.
In addition to the welcome letter, you can create a welcome book for your guest to offer them on their arrival which can solve their many problems.

Why to create a Welcome Book?
1) This shows concern for your guest
Offering welcome book to your guest can make them feel special and concerned about them. You can provide valuable information to the guest without entering their personal space.

2) To make your guest’s stay comfortable and memorable one.
You should create the best Airbnb welcome book sample which includes all the highlights of local places for your guest to visit. This will surely turn your guest’s visit experience into a memorable one.

3) Help you to get more positive reviews
Create the perfect welcome book that contains almost all information required to ease the stay of your guest. This will help you to get plenty of positive reviews. Getting more positive reviews will definitely bring you more business.

Essential Components to be added in a Welcome Book

You need to take care of every bit of information you provide while you prepare the Airbnb welcome book sample, as this is a chance to hit a first and great impression on your guest.

1) Attach a personalized welcome note
The very first and special thing you can do for your guest is to attach a personalized written welcome note for your guest for their warm welcome. Don’t miss this opportunity to give your guest a home like feeling.
This personalized way of introducing yourself to the guest will leave a remarkable impression on your guest. You can also provide some brief information in this note relating to:
Wi fi passwords
Your contact details
Parking Information
Access code needed
Guidelines for cleanliness, etc.

You can look for the best guest welcome letter template online to write this note.

2) Instructions for Check-In and Check-Out
Sometimes, your guest may not read the check-in and check-out timings and other instructions before their arrival. So you should definitely provide its copy in the welcome book to remind them of the proper instructions and guidelines to avoid any sort of confusions.

3) Mention Table of Contents
Don’t forget to mention the separate page for table of contents while you prepare your Airbnb welcome book sample, to offer properly organized information to guest. This will impart an easy access to the specific information required by the guest.

4) Provide Emergency Contact Numbers
It is quite crucial to mention contact numbers of yourself and manager of your property for emergency situations. Also, provide the contact numbers of nearest police station, hospital and fire-station to avoid the occurrence of mishappenings.

5) Property Rules & Policies
Follow the bestAirbnb welcome book sample to provide the best of information including all the rules & policies to be followed during stay at your property. It can be related to parking rules, check-in and out timings, Wi fi passwords, careful usage of property, Smoking policies, Pet policies, Community rules etc.

6) How-to-use Instructions
You can mention the how-to instructions in your welcome book to inform guest about the allowance and guidelines to use the assets like TV, Washer & Dryer, Hot tub, Kitchen Appliances, Fireplace, Garageetc, to avoid any misuse of your property.

7) Recommendations of Nearby places
Provide a different section of recommending various places of interest like clubs, bars, shopping malls, restaurants or other adventurous places to your guest to spend some gala time. As they will be new to this place, so these recommendations in Airbnb welcome book sample will surely make them happy which will make them leave a 5-star rating for you.

8) Transportation Information
Your guests may be visiting this place for the very first time, so don’t miss this part to mention local transportation facilities as it will help them to travel safe and hassle-free.
So, this is how you can prepare the ultimate and unique welcome book for your guest to make their visit worthwhile, safe, comfortable and hassle-free. You can get various Airbnb welcome book sample and guest welcome letter templates on online websites for its easy creation.

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