Don’t want to read the full story? Here’s the Airbnb Customer Service Phone Number: 1-855-424-7262

As an Airbnb Superhost with over a year of full-time hosting under my belt, I’ve had a handful of situations where I needed immediate customer service support from Airbnb. If you’ve done any searching online or read through the comment section on Airbnb’s Facebook you’re bound to read horror stories on how terrible Airbnb’s customer service is at handling issues. I agree… If you take the typical route of submitting an online request to solve your problem.

In today’s world of technology people have forgotten about a common form of communication that existed in the past. It was called the telephone. This device would allow you to verbally speak to someone regardless of how great a distance lie between you. It was magical.

All joking aside, if you have an issue with Airbnb and need immediate assistance from Airbnb customer service then you should skip sending an email and pick up the phone. Airbnb’s phone number is kind of hard to find on their website so I have done the searching for you… The Airbnb phone number to call for customer service issues is 1-855-424-7262. If you’re not in the United States and need Airbnb customer service help I have listed Airbnb’s entire phone list at the bottom of this article.

Now that you know how to contact Airbnb customer service in case of an emergency, let me give you some tips to ensure a pleasant and successful experience resolving your issue:

Be polite

This seems pretty straight forward, but all too often when someone has an issue with a company or service they tend to act aggressive toward customer service representatives. No matter your issue, the representative on the other end of the line isn’t the cause of the problem. Let them help you by calmly conveying your issue. Remember that most Airbnb related issues involve two parties: the host and guest. If you act like a jack ass to the Airbnb customer service representative then they might take the other party’s side because of your poor attitude.

Have your Airbnb account information up on the computer

The Airbnb customer service representative is going to ask you what phone number is linked to your account along with the payout method on file. You need to know this information in order for them to assist you with your problem. My suggestion is to have your Airbnb account up on the computer so you can easily provide them with the information they need.

Highlight your positive reviews and feedback from Airbnb users

Regardless of the issue, the Airbnb customer service representative has to decide whether or not they believe your side of the story is true or false. If you have an issue with a host or guest, the Airbnb representative will review several things: the overall situation, your communication transcript with the other party, and your Airbnb profile history. If you have a history of poor reviews, and have received a lot of negative feedback from other users, then you’re most likely going to lose a dispute. On the contrary, if you have a track record of being an asset to the Airbnb community then the Airbnb customer service representative is more likely to side with you on an issue.

Be sure to highlight your positive reviews during your conversation with the Airbnb customer service representative. If your guest is complaining about the cleanliness of your rental but you have a long track record of 5-star cleanliness reviews then you could say to the Airbnb representative, “I really pride myself on providing guests with a clean environment. I’ve received 15 5-star reviews for cleanliness in a row and put extra effort into ensuring that the place is clean when a guest arrives. I’ve even had several guests mention how clean the house was in their public reviews.”

I have had to call Airbnb customer service multiple times with major issues. Airbnb resolved my problem every time in a positive manner. Below are some of the circumstances so you have a better understanding of the type of issues that Airbnb has helped me resolve:

  • A crazy guest claimed the house was not as described after spending several hours in the house. The guest said the room was extremely dirty, the neighborhood was dangerous, and took video footage of everything for proof. The guest demanded her money be refunded immediately including Airbnb fees and taxes. Airbnb cancelled her trip, refunding her money, but blocked her from being able to leave a poor review on my account.
  • I needed to temporarily withdraw my listing after receiving a code violation from the city and a threat of hefty fines. Airbnb customer support walked me through the entire process and provided me with information on how I could resolve the issue with the city in a positive manner.
  • A guest changed her reservation two days before arrival and then cancelled her reservation the day of arrival. The guest did not receive a full refund due to my strict cancellation policy. The guest proceeded to harass me via email and then called Airbnb customer service claiming that I authorized Airbnb to provide her a full refund over the phone. I spoke with Airbnb over the phone and their customer service team upheld my refund policy.
  • I needed to cancel more than 10 reservations due to the unexpected loss of my job, resulting in the sale of my home. Normally when you cancel an upcoming reservation as a host you are penalized to an extreme extent. You lose Superhost status for a year and are required to pay a $50 to $100 fee per reservation cancellation. Cancelling these reservations would delete my hard-earned Superhost status and I would have to pay nearly $1,000 in cancellation fees. I called Airbnb and explained the entire situation, noted my history as an asset to the company, and Airbnb cancelled the reservations with no penalty. They suggested that I reach out to the guests and explain the situation, which I did.

As you can see, these were all major issues of varying degrees. In each instance Airbnb’s customer service was able to quickly resolve my problem in a positive manner. Emailing back and forth with Airbnb to try and resolve these issues would have taken a lot more time, and the customer service representative would not have “felt” the sincerity in my plea for support. This is why you should always call Airbnb instead of email if you have a problem with their platform.

Airbnb customer service phone numbers by country:

+54 11 53 52 78 88

+61 2 8520 3333

+43 72 08 83 800

+55 21 3958-5800

+1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)

+56 229380777

+86 10 5904 5310
400 890 0309 (shared-cost)

+45 89 88 20 00

+33 1 84 88 40 00

+49 30 30 80 83 80

+30 211 1989888

Hong Kong
+852 5808 8888

+353 1 697 1831

+972 3 939 9977


+81 3 4580 0999
+81 800 100 1008 (toll-free)

+52 55 41 70 43 33

+31 20 52 22 333

New Zealand
+64 4 4880 888

+47 21 61 16 88

+51 1 7089777

+48 22 30 72 000

+351 30 880 3888

Puerto Rico
+1 787 919-0880

88003017104 (toll-free)

South Korea
+82 2 6022 2499
+82 808 220 230 (toll-free)

+34 91 123 45 67

+46 844 68 12 34

+41 43 50 84 900

United Kingdom
+44 203 318 1111

United States
+1-415-800-5959 (San Francisco)
+1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)



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