Tourism in the US has increased every year from 2014 to 2017, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Its evident with the explosion of companies like Airbnb, FlipKey, TurnKey, and transportation companies like Uber and Lift.

While traveling is becoming more widespread and easier there’s one aspect that is still lacking, sleep. In an independent study conducted by Princess Cruises, a cruise line owned by Carnival Corporations, they found that 63% of Americans have trouble sleeping while on vacation.

As an Airbnb owner, you might be asking why you should care how well your guests sleep as long as they enjoy your place. The truth is, the better your guests sleep, the more likely they are to enjoy your Airbnb and their trip overall. And that can result in a higher rating for your listing.

Here are a few tips that you can follow as a host to help your guests get a better night’s rest:

  • Invest in blackout curtains.

A lot of people have an easier time falling asleep when the room is dark. that’s why hanging blackout curtains is great because they don’t let any light in.

  • Offer many different pillows and blankets.

Offering firm, medium and soft pillows in your Airbnb is a great way to make sure your guest can be as comfortable as possible when they go to bed. The same applies to blankets, so offer different options so there’s options for hot and cold sleepers.

  • Consider an oil diffuser/candle/wax melter.

There have been many studies claiming that smells can help a person relax and fall asleep. Different people prefer different scents but these are some general scents that can help induce sleep: lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and vanilla. Even if it doesn’t help your guests sleep, it will still add a nice aroma to your apartment or house and who doesn’t appreciate a place that
smells nice?.

  • Leave behind some sleep-inducing foods.

Something small that can go a long way for a guest is a little welcome basket with little snacks or amenities, it makes them feel welcomed and at home. This would be a perfect place to incorporate foods that help with sleep. Some specific foods you can include would be walnuts and almonds, as they are high in the sleep hormone melatonin; kiwis and tart cherry juice help people fall asleep faster and combat insomnia; and chamomile tea, which has an antioxidant called apigenin that binds with receptors in the brain encouraging sleep and reducing insomnia.

  • Have some SleepPhones®.

SleepPhones® make listening to music, audio books, and more while in bed a very comfortable experience. SleepPhones® are headband headphones with slim speakers. They let you listen to your own audio through a phone or other device via a cord or Bluetooth®. They let you lie in any position you want but limits the sound to the user so the noise doesn’t disturb anyone else. They’re also machine washable–all you have to do is take out the speaker and wash the headband, so you can enjoy them for many years.

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