“What’s your biggest pain point in hosting?” was the question an Airbnb owner asked others in a community forum for Airbnb hosts. Owners took turns sharing their greatest pain points for managing their property, guests, and bookings.

Gate Labs created the world’s first all-in-one video smart lock for busy residence and property owners like Airbnb hosts. Below are seven troublesome areas Airbnb owners run into that cost valuable time, energy, money and how a Gate video smart lock provides a more affordable, faster, and easier solution to fix or avoid each problem.

7 Airbnb Host Pain Points and How a Gate Smart Lock Solves Them

Hiding keys. Hiding keys is a risky way to hand over keys to your guests — someone else may discover your key instead, a family member may move it unknowingly, or a guest may struggle to
find it.

Within the Gate app, Airbnb hosts can issue time-bracketed pin codes specifically for the guest’s stay. Gate’s lock has a backlit keypad so that it’s visible at all hours of the day. The pin code only works with that specific guest and expires automatically at the end of the guest’s stay. No need to hide keys at all!

Replacing keys and rekeying locks. Suppose a guest departs with your home key. Perhaps they forgot it or lost it while on an excursion. In this case, you’ll have to pay to make replacement keys or inconveniently, if a guest still possesses your house key, you’ll have to rekey your lock
(~$100 fee to have it serviced by a locksmith) to ensure your own peace of mind and home’s safety. For hosts with multiple properties, you often have to physically go to your units to manually change codes and wipe old ones.

With a Gate smart lock, you can revoke access permissions at anytime and create a new key in seconds in your Gate app. From anywhere. You never have to track down or replace keys or your lock. It’s as simple as sending a text message. Also, Gate codes expire (set by owner) and cannot be used so there’s no need to worry about ‘shady’ guests returning using old codes.
This is also beneficial if you have issues with guests and ‘evict’ them, or cancel their reservation mid-stay.

Miscommunications about how to get in. Entering some homes is not always a straightforward process. Which door should the guest use? Do they have to jiggle the door handle just right? Is that a dog I hear? Which key? I see three. If you’re not there to ensure things go smoothly, miscommunications can happen (leading to poor reviews). Some homes are in poor service areas so they can’t reach you and even more likely, a guest’s phone might die after a long day of traveling. What then?

With Gate’s motion-triggered video streaming and two-way audio calling, Airbnb hosts get notified when guests arrive. Hosts see guests on live video and chat with them in real-time through the Wifi-connected smart lock to ensure the smoothest and easiest welcome. No miscommunications occur — with or without fully charged phones.

More guests (or the wrong guests) show up and stay over. One Airbnb owner voiced a frustration. She said, “My biggest pain point in hosting is the dishonesty and the lying to get more people in.” Physical keys and even non-video smart locks (i.e., locks with keypads) can let more than one person in. And if an owner isn’t home to count the number of guests or cars in the driveway, their house can fill with more people than they signed up for. Overcapacity can mean bigger messes to clean up and that’s a lot of work hosts don’t have time for.

Gate’s wide angle HD video streaming and dynamic range (it swings on the door) lets owners see exactly who is entering their home. If they see the guest has more people at the door, they can communicate with guests and charge the fair higher price, or, if there’s a problem, revoke all access. Also, in the event of a dispute, you can use the videos logs for evidence and proof of what happened when submitting a Resolution Center request with Airbnb.

A guest arrives early or late at your home and you’re still at work or out. Another Airbnb owner shared her biggest pain point was when guests “barge in early.” Either you’re caught unprepared inside or your guests may have a long wait while you get ready and scurry home to let them in. Unplanned changes happen all the time while traveling.

Can’t leave work? With a Gate at your property, you have a 24/7 virtual doorman to let them in. From work, open the Gate app and “tap to unlock” your door so your guests don’t have to wait for you to get settled in.

Multi-property owners driving “all over God’s sweet creation.One Airbnb owner had three properties over an hour away from each other in California. With guests coming and going plus the cleaning and maintenance in between, the Airbnb owner spent many hours every month
driving to and from his properties. It’s very time-consuming. And gas and vehicle costs add up.

With Gate on your door, you don’t have to be there to let guests in and you can have peace of mind that the right guests are at your house because Gate lets you “see” them, talk with them, and grant trusted access.

Letting the cleaners in and taking off work for maintenance visits. Flipping a house often means you’re not at work because you’re either doing the work yourself or you’re paying and coordinating with cleaners and maintenance contractors to make your property ready. Not being
at work, running home, and paying contractors cuts into your Airbnb profits.

With Gate, you can stay at work and manage your property remotely. Other smart locks that don’t have live video streaming and Gate’s on-door field of view make remote management of your property more cumbersome and less comfortable from a trust perspective. Gate lets you coordinate with vendors and property assistants more efficiently and more safely than with
phones and physical keys. It’s easy. You can add a cleaner code and name so you have peace of mind when cleaners enter and leave, without always having to look at the video log. This is also helpful if you pay your vendors hourly as you can see exactly how long they were at the property. It’s good information to have when you’re running a business.

Airbnb is an exciting and lucrative opportunity for homeowners, but negative experiences involving unruly guests, unplanned incidents, and bad reviews can tank an Airbnb hosts’ cash flow.

At $349.99, Gate requires a small upfront investment, but busy Airbnb owners who also work full- time jobs can make a return on their investment very quickly. Gate fits any door that uses a standard deadbolt and can be installed (DIY) in minutes with just two screws, no additional tools or accessories required. For more information about Gate, visit getgate.com.

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