Johan Bergström’s cozy apartment embodies Swedish design. Crisp lines, perfectly contrasting colors, and minimalistic decoration. Located in Sunne, Sweden, his Airbnb listing is in close proximity to mountains, outdoor trails, and local attractions. Johan’s 1 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment is perfect for anyone who wants to experience Swedish hospitality.

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Johan joined Airbnb early in 2015 after noticing that most of the hotels were completely booked during Swedish Rally. As a hotel spa employee, he knew that he could offer many of the amenities that guests desire from hotel stays while also offering them a cozy and quiet small town apartment.

When asked what is unique about his listing, Johan replied:

The unique thing about my apartment is the combination of design and comfort. It’s located in a small town, but it’s extremely close to local attractions and is the perfect distance from Swedish Rally.

Since starting with Airbnb, Johan has had 4 guests stay in his apartment and has made around $1,300.

airbnb sweden

He says that Airbnb allows him to meet new people and he thoroughly enjoys the new relationships that he has gained from each guest. Two guests that he specifically remembers were engineers for Tesla Motors. Without Airbnb, he says, I would have never met them.

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Johan’s advice to other hosts:

Be creative. Make every guest experience unique! Write them notes–it’s the small gestures that count.

Johan’s listing is currently open for booking. Click here for more information about his Airbnb listing in Sunne, Sweden. You can also connect with Johan by following his Instagram account @johanbergstroem.


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