In this monthly piece covering Airbnb News, I’m going to focus on the fun and interesting news coming out about Airbnb. I’ll mostly be ignoring news from governments and special-interest groups about regulation, litigation, taxes, housing crisis, etc.

What’s Causing the Housing Shortage in Your Hometown?

I had to lead off with this one as it’s the only article I’ve ever seen that indicates there must be a larger issue causing the housing crisis than a few thousand people out of hundreds of thousands putting their homes up on Airbnb. Here’s a quote that says it all:

“While Airbnb is the largest short-term rental site, the company’s listings make up less than 0.5 percent of housing units in the U.S.”

In other words, if 100% of the listings on Airbnb were taking away otherwise long-term housing stock, this would represent only 0.5% of total available units in the US.

Is there something larger that we should be focusing on? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

Lufthansa Will Let You Book Flights On Airbnb For Some Reason

Tagline: “And no, it absolutely is not more convenient than using a travel site.”


An Exclusive Look At Airbnb’s First Foray Into Urban Planning

Ok. The title isn’t fun or unique, but this could be huge! Here’s a summary: Airbnb launches an internal program Samara. Their first project is to build a community center/Airbnb listing in a rural Japanese town void of tourism. Here’s the kicker: the community will be responsible for taking care of and receiving the proceeds related to the listing.

Some call it a hotel. Maybe, but who knows where this project will end.

Do you think Samara’s first project is a hotel?

How Airbnb Is Preparing for the Rio Olympics

“For the first time, a home-sharing company is the official provider of alternative accommodations.”

38,000 listings in Rio de Janeiro housing 55,000 guests at an average price of $57 per guest.

Peek CEO: We’re Open to Partnerships With Airbnb and Uber

If you’ve heard of Airbnb’s Magical Trips, this could be interesting to follow. Peek brings local tours and activities online. Think of those guys who hound you immediately upon leaving hotel property to buy their Jet Ski or ATV tour for the day. However, if history is any indication of future, I think the likelihood Airbnb partners with Peek is near zero. It could be interesting to follow, nevertheless.

Here’s Airbnb’s newest attempt at offering experiences to travelers. Kind of looks like you’re going to purchase a good Netflix movie, right?

What do you think of Airbnb’s Magical Trips initiative?

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