Airbnb Universe is a wife and husband duo who specialize in free advice for new Airbnb hosts. Founded by Devin and Sarah Sabraw, they run multiple listings as a superhost in Calgary, Canada.

Let’s introduce them. Believe it or not, they met on the dating app Tinder after both realizing they had been to the same local music festival called “Shambhala” and loved to travel. Three years later they were engaged and married.

How did they get into Airbnb hosting? It was shortly after their honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia. While traveling, they stayed in a local Airbnb villa that made them feel at home and the host made a continental breakfast better than any hotel.

When they arrived home they wanted to share such an experience themselves in their own home. From the very first day, they’ve been booked and since then grown to multiple listings.

Along the way, they have made mistakes most Airbnb host do such as:
Not having good quality photos for their listing. Stocking the kitchen with the right items. Missing a top sheet when making the bed. Not taking reviews seriously etc…

This is all explain in one of there blog posts “50 tips for hosting
From what we saw, we highly recommend Airbnb Universe. They try to be one of the most transparent and honest blog site. All the advice is legit and great for new or experienced hosts. You can check them out here.

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