This Airbnb review is of a private room located in Cowichan Bay, British Columbia. Rebecca and I recently stayed here for two nights while vacationing in BC. We booked this Airbnb location because of its close proximity to the ocean and great price. At just $69 per night, I would rate this Airbnb rental 4 out of 5 stars. The reason for not giving it a full 5-star review will be disclosed below.

Airbnb Listing Title: Best $$$ view of Cowichan Bay!
Location: Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, Canada
Listing Type: Private Room
Price: $69
Host: Diana
Rating: 4 Stars
Link To Airbnb Listing: Click Here


Rebecca and I spent two nights at Diana’s oceanfront home while on vacation in British Columbia. After having spent several nights downtown Vancouver, we were eager to adventure on the island. We were looking forward to Diana’s Airbnb rental primarily due to its close proximity to the ocean.

Cowichan Bay Airbnb Review


Diana’s home is located on the bay, just above the marina. In order to get to her home, you must navigate through twisty roads. The surrounding homes are a little bit run down–something that concerned us trying to find her rental. With that being said, once you get to the bottom of the hill, her secluded cul-de-sac is very nice and well-maintained.

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The Home

Diana’s home is split into three units. The upper level of the house is Diana’s primary residence while the lower two units are private apartments with their own entrances. She has a full-time renter living in the adjacent unit. The area is nicely landscaped with lush green grass surrounding the entrance. The lower units face the bay which is a beautiful view.

The inside of the apartment is completely furnished and features a living room area, two bedrooms, and a full bathroom. It is decorated much like a log-cabin and features old family-style furnishings. I would describe it as quaint.

cowichan bay airbnb review

The Host

Diana is an older woman–friendly and outgoing. She was eager to show us the apartment and gave us some insight regarding local restaurants and activities. We saw her several times throughout our stay, but for the most part she kept to herself.

I am going to mention the next-door tenants because a guest might interact with them during their stay. They are a young couple that work on the island. We saw them several times coming and going. We briefly spoke with them and they seemed very friendly and good natured. Overall they were quiet and respectful of us staying in the other apartment.


Diana provides some amenities to her guests including a refrigerator stocked with yogurt, juices, club soda, and fruit. There was also coffee and granola–along with fresh muffins that she baked for us both mornings. While we enjoyed these snacks, I would not consider it to be a true bed and breakfast.

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When Rebecca and I arrived at the apartment Diana mentioned that the neighbors are loud and often argue at night. She told us to inform her if they were making too much noise. We weren’t really sure what to expect but didn’t think too much of it at the time.

Later that night we began to hear arguing. Being the nosy individuals that we are, we decided to do some snooping and see if we could hear what they were saying. At first we thought it was the neighbors that Diana warned us about, but then we realized it was actually our host arguing with her husband.

We were fairly surprised by this and wondered if she was “warning” us about herself–not the young couple next door. The arguing continued throughout the night. Not loud enough to keep you awake, but loud enough to catch your attention.

I messaged Diana about this after our stay and she proceeded to blame the neighbors. We are 100% positive that it was in fact Diana arguing with her husband, not the couple across from us. While we understand that couples do fight from time to time, it is very unprofessional to argue with your spouse for hours on end when you have guests occupying the apartment downstairs. I am not sure whether or not this happens frequently, but I would be aware of the possibility.

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Overall we really enjoyed our stay at Diana’s home. It served our purpose as an inexpensive waterfront rental. At less than $100 a night, it is hard to argue against the value. With that being said, Diana’s late-night martial arguing would warrant us looking for a different place to stay if we were to visit Cowichan Bay again.

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