Click here to download the Airbnb House Rules Template

What should be included in the house rules letter? That is up to you as a host; however, we have provided you with a template that you can edit and use that includes many common areas of concern. Click here to download the Airbnb house rules template.

We suggest including the following items in your house rules manual:

  • An overview briefly discussing why you have provided guests with a house rules manual. Let them know that they can contact you if they have any concerns.
  • Detailed parking instructions on their dedicated parking space. This will ensure that they can come and go as they please without causing any parking issues.
  • A reminder to lock the house when they leave and at night. This is for their safety!
  • Smoking instructions… If your house is a non-smoking environment be sure to let them know where they can smoke and where to dispose of cigarettes.
  • Let the guests know where they can find trash bags and also what day the trash comes. This is very important, especially with guests who are staying more than a week.
  • We suggest having the guests load the dishwasher prior to checking out. You can let them know whether you want them to run the dishwasher or if you will run the dishwasher.
  • Be sure to put a clause in your Airbnb house rules letter regarding extra guests. We do not allow extra guests to sleep at our Airbnb unless previously agreed upon during the booking process.
  • It is in your best interest to write a line about parties and events. If you agreed to let the guest host a party or event then be sure to set guidelines for how long the part or event can last. You do not want to have your home destroyed or the police called for noise violations.
  • Do you have a pet policy? Address this in your Airbnb house rules letter… Let the guests know where to take the dog out to use the restroom, what areas it can visit, and whether or not you allow the pet on the bed! This is important as pets can ruin bedding.
  • It is a good idea to address broken items. We suggest having your guests look for broken items when they arrive and to contact you if they find anything that needs replacing. Guests should also contact you if they break anything.

You don’t want to sound overbearing in your Airbnb house rules template; however, keep in mind that if you do not set rules for your Airbnb rental then you run the risk of having a guest damage your property. It is better to be up front with your guests on how you want them to behave instead of trying to be nice and have a guest ruin your home!

Our Airbnb house rules template addresses all of these areas and is very easy to use. You can edit it to fit your specific rental in any Word processor on the computer. Simply fill in the highlighted blanks, add any extra areas that you might need, or delete unneeded items. You can download our Airbnb house rules template by clicking here.

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