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Reviewing your Airbnb guest is a very important part of the hosting process as it helps other hosts know whether or not they should accept a booking request from a prospective guest. Failing to leave a proper guest review could set other hosts up for a bad experience. Not leaving a guest review could hinder an excellent Airbnb guest from being accepted by other hosts. This is why it’s very important for you to leave your Airbnb guest a review.

We recommend being very honest in your guest review. Do not leave your guest a 5-star review if they did not meet all of your hosting requirements. At the same time, it is important that you set clear hosting standards in your Airbnb house rules manual. If the guest was unaware of your rules then you should be more lenient during the review process.

Reviews should not be limited to 5-stars or 1-star. You should utilize the other review ratings as you see fit. Be mindful of your review and leave detail as to why you chose the specific review for your guest. Writing an honest and detailed review will help other hosts in the future.

Want to review your Airbnb guest but don’t know what to say?

The Airbnb Guide guest review template solves your problem by providing you with 5 different guest reviews that you can copy and paste into the Airbnb review website or app. This template is VERY EASY to use. Simply choose which review best fits your guest and insert the guest’s information into the designated highlighted areas. This includes everything needed! You can edit the document in any word processor.

Included In The Template

Purchasing our Airbnb guest review template will save you time and ensure that your review includes everything needed. You will receive 5 different guest review templates with your purchase including:

  • 5-star Airbnb guest review
  • 4-star Airbnb guest review
  • 3-star Airbnb guest review
  • 2-star Airbnb guest review
  • 1-star Airbnb guest review

There are also sections included in each template to personalize your review. You can add or delete any section as necessary!

Payment and Download

You can make payment using Paypal or credit card. Once you have submitted your payment you will be taken to a confirmation page. There is a link on that page to begin your download, or you can download the product by clicking a link in your email receipt. After making payment you will receive an email receipt with your download link. Click the download link to start your template download.

Click here to download our Airbnb Guest Review Template


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