Mike Xavier is an Airbnb Host from Southwest France who started hosting just over a year ago. As a frequent traveler, Mike wanted to generate income from his apartment while away on vacation. Since his apartment is located in a high-tourism area, Mike felt that renting out the 1 bedroom studio would be easy to do through a platform like Airbnb. After several successful rentals, Mike is now renting out his apartment full-time and manages to pay his mortgage from short-term rental income.

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Suitably named The Bunker, Mike’s waterfront studio apartment is advertised as a highly functional small living space. The Bunker, located in Capbreton, is designed to literally disappear at the guest’s discretion. Almost every piece of furniture in the small studio folds up, tucks away, or slides out of sight. This unique feature allows the guest to efficiently maneuver their living space, and also turns the comfortable 2-person apartment into a more accommodating 4-guest rental.

The studio was designed in a way that allows for me to efficiently utilize the entire space. Designing a small space means having to get very creative, which leads to things like multiple hidden beds, a sliding kitchen work bench, outdoor dining which converts to a large day bed, and a glass divider in the bathroom that allows the guest to overlook the marina while showering.

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Mike has also taken a unique approach to marketing his modular studio apartment outside of Airbnb’s website. By creating his own website as an advertising platform to further promote his listing, Mike has been able to reserve his Airbnb space almost 30 times in the last year (with a minimum 2-night stay requirement). The website, thebunkerltd.com, features many detailed photos of the rental space and allows Mike to capitalize on additional search engine rankings.

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Although a small space, The Bunker is in the high-end rental price range at $150 a night. Mike attributes his price point to the rental location, unique styling, and amenities:

I have developed clear guides on how to get the most out of the space, which are communicated in advance. I also try to get an insight on who will be staying at The Bunker to ensure that I provide amenities that are tailored to the guest based on their interests and expectations.

I always leave a welcome gift of organic wine and chocolates, and I check in with the guests to make sure they’re doing well during their stay.

Listen to the guest’s feedback and try to improve your service a little each time. Find a reliable person you can trust to help you clean the apartment between guest rentals and solve any on-the-spot issues that might come up while a guest is in the apartment.

Think ahead. You don’t want to have to track down a good plumber in the middle of the night should you get a call from a guest saying the bathroom is filling up with water!

Mike’s Airbnb Listing can be viewed by clicking the link below:

The Bunker

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