Kelly Montoya is an Airbnb Superhost and the founder of Stay.Miami, a short-term property rental management company. As the owner of four Miami Airbnb listings, Kelly is a highly-experienced host and is passionate about the services that she provides her guests. It is no surprise that Kelly’s Airbnb listings have remained booked in the 8 months that she has been hosting.

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Prior to becoming an Airbnb Host, Kelly was a seasoned traveler and Airbnb Guest. She decided to try hosting from her apartment and fell in love with the adventure and guest interactions. After 6 months of hosting, and being named an Airbnb Superhost, Kelly decided to quit her long-time job as a Senior Employee Benefits Broker.

After spending 13 years in the insurance industry, quitting my job and becoming a full-time host was the best experience of my life! Now I spend my time trying to connect with travelers and guests from around the world who want to visit Miami. My goal is to give them an experience that is both fun and luxurious.

Her company’s slogan, “Stay Home Somewhere Else,” is a token to her mission of making her Airbnb guests feel like they are visiting their very own Miami vacation home. All of Kelly’s listings are uniquely designed and are a reflection of their location’s culture.

Our South Beach island apartments have a Boho Chic style, drawing inspiration from the beautiful island life that surrounds them. Our downtown Miami apartments, on the other hand, are sophisticated, cool, and chic. We wanted to create an environment inside each of our listings that mimics their surroundings.

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Kelly offers her guests all the top-level amenities that you would expect from staying at a five-star hotel: personalized check-ins and walk-throughs, exceptionally clean rooms, kitchen and bathroom essentials, and more. She even provides her out-of-town guests with a curated list of things to do in the area–properly named “Kel & TJ’s Favorite Things To Do In Miami As A Local.”

As of August 2015, Kelly has had 25 individual Airbnb bookings from two listings. Her two new Airbnb properties will be open for booking later this month and she looks forward to the opportunities that will arise from the new listings. She says her average rate is $199 USD a night and she has even had guests stay for weeks at a time.

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When asked what advice she has for other hosts, Kelly says:

The best advice I could give other Airbnb Hosts is that you have to be passionate about making people feel special if you want to succeed. Since Airbnb is still a new concept, you have to hold their hand through the entire process. Keep in mind that this is their time to relax and go somewhere else they can call home. It is your job to make it an unforgettable time! Always include your own personal touch on everything you do for them. They will sense it and leave you a positive review!

You can view Kelly’s Miami Airbnb listings by clicking the links below:

Luxury Downtown Condo – Downtown Miami

Luxury Island Condo with Bay View – South Beach

So. Beach Island Condo Furnished

You can also connect with Stay.Miami on social media by liking their Facebook page and following @staymiami on Instagram.


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