In my opinion, the bed is the most important part of your Airbnb listing. That is where your guests will be spending most of their time, and if there are hairs, stains, smells, wrinkles or any other unappealing qualities they WILL rate you poorly. Here are 4 quick Airbnb tips to help you achieve a 5-star bedroom.

This is how I maintain the bed in our 5-star Superhost listing:

1. Buy crisp, white sheets

  • They are easier to bleach (you don’t want ugly bleach stains on your colored sheets).
  • If there are stains, you can bleach them to remove them (throw those sheets out as soon as there are stains that you can’t remove).
  • They look better and more professional than colored or printed sheets.
  • It’s much easier to see hair or stains on white sheets than other options.

2. Wash and dry sheets immediately after a guest leaves. 

  • You will be able to double check that the guest left your belongings in an appropriate matter.
  • If they forgot something under the bed or in the sheets, you can inform them quickly.
  • This will also help for cleanliness sake. You shouldn’t leave a dirty room to sit between guests. This is how bacteria or bugs can start to infest your rooms.
  • If someone “Instant Books” your property, you don’t have to worry about rushing around and cleaning the room before the new *surprise* guest arrives.
Airbnb Bedroom

3. Purchase a duvet.

For sanitary reasons, you shouldn’t use a traditional blanket with an Airbnb. By using a duvet, you are able to remove the cover and wash it every time.

This will also help with costs. If someone was to stain or dirty a blanket, you would either be forced to throw it out or take it to the dry-cleaners (which can be expensive)! Duvet covers can be found relatively cheap and they are much easier to clean. I use this white duvet cover in my listing:

4. Pillows.

This is very important as everyone is different, and you need to be able to cater to your unique guests. I recommend purchasing 6 pillows: 2 soft, 2 medium, 2 hard. It makes the bed look great with several pillows, but you also give your guests the options they need to have a restful and comfortable sleep in your home.


5. Lastly, your mattress.

You might already have a mattress in your guest bedroom, but if you don’t or you are looking to change it, I recommend purchasing this one. It’s a queen-size hybrid innerspring mattress. I can’t tell you how many people have told us they have had the best sleep of their lives on this bed… what’s crazy is it’s only $168.

A mattress, for less than $200? Delivered right to your door?


That’s it folks! It’s much easier and cheaper than you would think to have a 5-star listing.

Further, feel free to check out Amazon’s cleaning services and drop a comment if you decided to try them out. Happy hosting!

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